New York City Training Guide
What is an Individual Training Grant (ITG) voucher?
Individual Training Grant (ITG) vouchers are issued by Workforce1 Career Centers and provide funding for occupational skills training that leads to employment in New York City high demand occupations. ITG vouchers help jobseekers who need occupational skills to find a job, advance in their careers or change to an occupation with higher wages and/or more opportunities for advancement.
How can I receive an ITG voucher?
Through the Workforce1 Career Centers jobseekers go through a process with the goal of employment or advancement:
Orientation at the Workforce1 Career Center
Assessment and employment preparation
Training, if needed for employment
Job placement or advancement
After jobseekers are assessed for training they search and choose from the list of courses found in the New York City Training Guide based on their employment goals. Jobseekers who are likely to complete training and become employed receive ITG vouchers.
Participation in this process does not guarantee you will be issued an ITG voucher. For further information on how you access the right training option for you, please contact your local Workforce1 Career Center. To find the Center that is nearest to you, click here.
What is an Individual Training Account?
If you are receiving cash assistance through HRA, you may be able to receive an Individual Training Account (ITA) voucher to attend a HRA approved training for up to $2,500 at no cost to you.
How can I receive an HRA Individual Training Account?
To find out if you may be eligible for a training voucher see below:
"If you are interested in a training and are currently participating in a Back To Work (BTW), Begin Education Gain Independence Now (BEGIN), HRA/ Dept of Parks Job Training Programs or WeCare program, please speak to your program representative. For more information about these programs, please click here.
If you are interested in a ITA voucher training and do not participate in one of these programs, go to your Job Center and ask to be referred to one of these programs.