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School Information
School New York City College of Technology of The City University of New York
Contact Us David Pedreira
  Tel: 7185521168  |  Fax:  7185521190 |  Email:
Address 300 JAY ST
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Course Information
Course Name       Administrative Office Assistant Program
Course Description
This intensive 8-9 week program is designed to provide the skills necessary to work in a modern office in a variety of positions ranging from receptionist to Administrative Assistant. No previous computer experience required. The Course is taught partially in a computer lab and partially in a classroom. Curriculum consists of: Keyboarding , Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint , Access, Internet/Email skills Business Math , and Business Writing.
 Prerequisites Schedule* Course Hours Method of delivery Class Size (Max) Price (US $)
HS/GED required
Check with school to receive most updated schedule 255 Classroom Training 20 2200
*Check with school to receive most updated schedule
Price Includes
  Classroom Hours 115 , Lab Hours 60 , Internship Hours 40 , Practical Hours 40
About the Instructor
The minimum education or professional requirement for an instructor of this course is:
Relevant Occupations
This course is relevant to the following occupational job titles:
Course Evaluation
Report Card
The percentage of students who complete the course and the percentage of students who obtain jobs.
Current Results (Ongoing Evaluation) 
Most recent completion and job placement rates.
Last Evaluation Period (Final Score)  January 2010 - June 2010
Cumulative completion and job placement rates over a six month period that determine a course's eligibility to receive vouchers.
This course was not attended or evaluated in this review period.

50% completed course
Results from 2 voucher customers
0% got jobs
Of the 2 voucher customers who were unemployed prior to training
This is a phone survey given to a random sample of students who completed this course since September 2007. All participants answer questions as part of the Satisfaction Survey. Only those students who achieved employment following training answered questions in the Usefulness Survey.
Usefulness Survey Satisfaction Survey
General knowledge received as preparation for the job 5 Response(s)

Quality of course materials used, such as books and equipment 5 Response(s)

Value of hands-on training, such as clinical, behind-the-wheel, or equipment usage 5 Response(s)

Comprehension of course instructor 14 Response(s)

Condition of facilities 14 Response(s)

The degree to which the course met expectations 14 Response(s)

Student Review
Feedback from students on usefulness and satisfaction of course
One student says "it was great." (March 2010)






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