New York City Training Guide
Success Story - Vance Collins
Vance Collins came to Staten Island Workforce1 Career Center in February 2007. Mr. Collins was laid off after 20 years on the job as a production manager in the garment industry. He knew he could not go back to the same industry due to the relocation of garment companies, and decided to take a new path.

During his employment assessment, he indicated his search for employment was unsuccessful so far. He was considering changing careers and tried using his education to obtain employment into information technology (IT) field. The fact that he was already pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science gave him a confident outlook on finding employment. However, after sending several resumes and participating in some interviews without results, he recognized the lack of proper credentials was preventing him from getting the type of job he wanted.
After meeting with Alba Schwarz, Senior Career Advisor at the Staten Island Workforce1 Career Center, who offered other job leads including Time Warner, he was referred to the ITG voucher workshop to apply for a training grant that would enable him to obtain the necessary credentials. In August 2007, Mr. Collins began on an IT career path. He attended training at ACE Career Training Center to obtain A+, N+, and MCSA credentials. In addition, he enrolled in school to complete his Bachelors degree.

By the end of January 2008, Mr. Collins successfully attained his Bachelors degree, and received all the certifications needed to become more employable and a good candidate for an IT position. He returned to the job market, and was ultimately hired by Verizon as a FIOS Analyst at a starting salary of $795 per week, with a contract increase to $900 per week after the first six months, and another increase to $1022 per week after reaching the second six month period on the job.