New York City Training Guide
Success Story - Percy Yip
Percy Yip sought services from the Brooklyn Workforce 1 Career Center after his company went out of business. Mr. Yip last worked as a Network System Administrator from May 2006 until June 2007.

In June 2007, Mr. Yip came to Workforce1 seeking employment assistance. Raymond Chin, Workforce 1 Career Advisor, said “When I first met with Mr. Yip, he was unemployed and faced difficulty in finding employment due to his lack of up-to-date employment skills. However, Mr. Yip made it clear his priority was to gain a full-time job as soon as possible”.

As Mr. Yip searched for a position as an IT Analyst, he decided that in order to be a more competitive job candidate he needed to develop IT skills that would allow him to analyze business requirements for information systems solutions, and design and implement the needed infrastructure. Workforce1 Career Center staff conducted an employment and training assessment for Mr. Yip, and it was concluded that “Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer” certification training would endow him with advanced skills and connect him to employment.
Workforce1 assisted Mr. Yip with obtaining an ITG voucher to attend GT Solutions Inc for this training. He completed the course and received his credential in January 2008. With his newly acquired knowledge and strong network administrator skills, Mr. Yip was able to secure employment and is currently working for Stoz Friedberg LLC as a Help Desk Analyst. Mr. Yip works 40 hours per week, and he is paid more than $50,000 annually by the employer; which is a 10% increase from his previous salary.