New York City Training Guide
What does it mean to be a Security Guard?
A Typical Day as a Security Guard
As a Security Guard, you will guard, patrol, or monitor property to prevent theft, violence, or the breaking of rules. In a typical day you could find yourself:
Patrolling industrial or commercial property to prevent and detect signs of intrusion
Answering alarms and investigate disturbances
Calling the police or fire department in an emergency
Warning people of violations
Operating detecting devices
Escorting or driving motor vehicles to transport individuals to designated places
How do I become a Security Guard?
Skills Needed
Evidence and Evidence Handling
Patrol Techniques
Customer Service and Public Relations
Emergency Response Procedures
Traffic and Crowd Control
Basic handcuffing and baton use
Education or Certification Required
High School Diploma or GED
Completion of State Approved Training Program
Department of State License (8 hour pre-assignment training, 16 hour on-the-job training, 8 hour annual in- service course)
Working in NYC
You could find a job at:
Office buildings
Retail stores and malls
Apartment complexes
Special events
Median Wage in New York City
$11.27 per hour
$23,431 annually
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